Muriel Aboulrouss

Muriel Aboulrouss started her career in 1997 as a cinematographer, she shot commercials, shorts, features and series. She is known to be the first Arab female cinematographer, and she went on winning awards internationally for many of her work.

Since 2012 Muriel has chosen to retire as a cinematographer, wondering what life has in store for her and how can her passion and talent be of service beyond finances and social status. She created the Intuitive Filmlab Program “Cine-Jam” in 2012 which explores the audiovisual tools, intuitively, as a free artistic expression, aiming to empower and inspire emerging audiovisual artists to have the courage to experiment & create the art that reflects their uniqueness. 

In 2014, she created with Denise Jabbour, the award winning series Zyara (visit) which became her mission in Art as in life, a poetic experimental documentary series that aims to portray the beauty and resilience of the people they visit, calling them “heroes”.  After almost 100 episodes produced so far, Zyara has won 45 international awards. Besides its successful online journey, it became a tool for raising awareness in schools, empowering the youth and inspiring them to rise stronger no matter what challenges they face in life. 

In 2023, Muriel is freelancing as a creative consultant for corporate agencies or independent creators/producers, she is the co-founder of Home of Cine-Jam the humanitarian arts association, and as an independent teacher, she is conducting her 8 weeks filmlab program yearly, with the firm faith that talent is a gift to be explored, freedom is a choice that requires courage and self love, truth is an act of revolution and revolution is a duty!

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