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cosultancy and film supervision

Making sure that the film is as impactful as possible to the target audience in its genuine discourse. This will steer the visual choices in the film, including things like cinematic language and editing pace. When the audience sees the film's visuals, they'll feel connected to it’s unique style and the genuine portraying of the story.

Overcoming Technical Challenges

This requires a high level of creativity; we can help figure out how to make the most of the available resources rather than being limited by them. Low budget productions are an opportunity for creative solutions artistically and this is where we can help simplify the process while serving the purpose of the film.

Independent Assessments

We will provide an independent viewpoint, giving some perspective regarding what is feasible or could be done better during the production and post-production phases of the film. We can propose the best team to work with and organize meetings to keep everyone connected to the path of the film. We can also be present during the filming of the key scenes and orchestrate the content/form while being faithful to the director’s vision.


We also exceptionally Co-produce films and/or contribute artistically as a team member within it but we consider it a contribution/collaboration from our association if the film falls within the ethics, values and criteria that we believe in.

Additional personal note

As filmmakers with 25 years of experience, we have gathered knowhow and skills that allow us to propose ourselves as creative consultants on films and it would be a great pleasure to contribute to stories and cinematic journeys which holds within them genuine and authentic intentions, which for us are key in any work of art.

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