“Fear” is a gripping new art series that explores the multifaceted nature of fear through the eyes of nine talented artists. Each episode of the series features a different artist who delves deep into their psyche to reveal a personal fear and explore it through audiovisual art.

Throughout the series, we witness artists grappling with a wide range of fears, from fear of the human experience, to fear of rejection & abandonment, fear of love, fear of the human darkness, of authority, of entrapment, etc. With each new episode, we are drawn deeper into the complex emotional landscape of fear and the many ways that it can shape our lives.
Through stunning visuals and intimate sound design, "Fear" offers a unique glimpse into the human experience, revealing the fears that we all share. Whether you are an avid art lover or simply interested in exploring the complexities of the human psyche, this intense series is for you.

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Line Itani

A film, theater and image maker based between Beirut and Paris, from where I also works in digital communication strategy. I am interested in both the socio-political and the spiritual, and how these affect our relationship with our environment(s), each other, and ourselves.

The Intuitive Film Lab is as its name suggests. Through it, I was able to further explore a visual language I had been shyly trying out, and then push it to new heights. It also offered me the space to express personal themes, and see how my work meshes with the rest to create one diverse and consistent series. That diversity is then reflected in the group of participants, which grew close very quickly, under the watchful eye of the Intuitive Film Lab conductor & team who made sure to push our voice further, lead us to give others feedback from the guts and heart not the mind, and then do the same to us with honest and poetic reactions to our works.
I am beyond grateful to have participated in this lab, and wish it to everyone who is eager to explore the creative potential of throwing oneself into a beautifully and strictly curated process which has one goal: to help each artist get where they need to go in both content and form.

Alex Meouchy

A filmmaker/cinematographer and hobbyist musician, studied at IESAV USJ. I am fascinated by the creative process that translates the surrounding realities into audiovisual mediums, and how much self-discovery it can ignite.

The group was very dynamic, and it made this little journey more pleasant and fruitful, and heavier at the same time. We were witnessing each other’s fears translated into each one’s own language, and communicating about it at every session helped us to get to know each others at a deep level in a very little time, through art.
The process was smooth in a way that time went real quick, in one month, I had a film. Every phase throughout the making of this film had its own space and importance. Working on the image separately from the sound added a new layer to my filmmaking experience, and with the help of our mentors and colleagues, it was easier to stay focused on the feeling I was trying to communicate.
Muriel being by our side was tremendously helpful and empowering, when she’s delicately giving insights on the core of the film and how its feeling without going into the deep thinking.

Rayan Zrein

A filmmaker based in Beirut, Lebanon. I use my work to explore myself and my own experiences. I am interested in the art of others and draw inspiration from a variety of sources to inform my own work. With a deep passion for visual storytelling and a background in film and theater, I have developed a keen eye for the nuances of human emotion and behavior, which I weave into my films. My film-making practice spans from directing to producing and cinematography, allowing me to craft deeply personal narratives.

This experience pushed me to dig in the darkest part of my psyche and to explore my deepest fears, something I usually try to avoid. At first, I didn’t understand how pure intuition would lead me to create a film, but surprisingly, everything just flowed naturally. I found myself shooting randomly and everything magically came together. I took something dark and unsettling from within me and poured it into this film, which ended up freaking me out a bit. But there was a certain undeniable beauty in the process. Being so deeply connected to an emotion had a kind of magical quality that’s hard to describe. There were moments when the emotion consumed me so much that it felt like I was on a wild trip, However, the true challenge lay in knowing when to disconnect, when to regain control. Balancing the immersion in fear’s embrace with the need to step back became a test of my resilience. Through this process, I learned the art of navigating the threshold, finding strength in knowing when to disengage and reclaim my equilibrium. Our gatherings at Muriel’s rooftop every weekend became a cherished treasure in my life. The eight fellow filmmakers, chosen by Muriel, somehow felt like soul friends to me. Despite knowing only, a little of their personal lives, I formed profound connections with these beautiful artists and for me connecting with eight people without knowing much about them was beyond gold. somehow, understanding each other went beyond words. Our shared passion brought us closer, and I truly believe that all nine films interplay with each other in a remarkable way.
Not to forget about the incredible team that made it all happen, Denise Jabbour the hero behind the curtains, Adeeb who was always there to support, and Shadi, whom it was fun catching him in the act, attempting those sneaky closeups without anyone noticing. Working with Victor and Elias was simply amazing, their contributions truly elevated our work. Adham’s feedback was like a symphony of words, surpassing any poetry, his warm presence created an environment where vulnerability could thrive. And how could I ever overlook Shukriye’s precious food. Last but certainly not least, Muriel, the most amazing force behind it all. She showered us with pure love and pushed us to create, reminding us of why we live for this art. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something truly special.

Leen Aoun

As a filmmaker, I have always found myself exploring new forms of expression, which led me to the world of experimental and multimedia arts. A constant source of this influence have always been the intersection of nature and creativity. Books, archiving art materials and alternative art forms, also serve as sources that ultimately helped in constructing my views and vision as an artist. Thus, I always strive to create provoking artworks that would leave meaningful impacts.

The intuitive film lab was an immersive journey into a new realm in arts. I always had the fear of vulnerability, especially in groups, but this time it was so different. It was safe to just be, to unveil my emotions without any judgements. I was given a chance to simply reflect on myself without any restrictions. That’s one thing I was always so hesitant about. The amount of love, support and kindness i received is inexplicable. We witnessed our journeys unfold so beautifully, despite all the heaviness of our “fears”. This journey of two months, opened my eyes on the importance of embracing each other with everything we have to say. It was never about what we “think”, it was always about how we “felt”. Which brought me to the belief that this journey is a one life changing experience for artists.

Jamal Jaafar

A Lebanese film graduate from Saint Joseph University (IESAV). I worked as an assistant director and segment director on several music videos and TV shows. Since 2019, I have been working as a digital content producer at Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC). I am looking to branch out into short films.

I feel so lucky being part of “home of CineJam” intuitive training programs for the second time.
I started intuitively tapping into my inner creativity 10 years ago, by attending “Cine-Jam”. This year, the “Intuitive Film Lab” made me dive deeper into my purest human feelings, turning them into a genuine audiovisual manifestation. The Intuitive Film Lab was a reminder for me, to stay true to myself as an artist. When driven by intuition, there is no restrictions, no right and wrong, no good and bad, no weak and strong. Just a genuine reflection of our inner selves, a light transforming into a light. Sharing our feelings towards each participant’s film, throughout the whole process, was a great challenge to learn how to feel instead of thinking, and how to dive into ourselves through the images and sounds we receive, instead of judging them based on what we know. And most importantly, I have met beautiful artists with whom I felt a great eternal connection.
One of the reasons that made this filmlab affect my vision of filmmaking and art in general, is Muriel Aboulrouss, a beautiful artist, an enthusiastic light keeper, and a great teacher. As a conductor, Muriel was able to provide a supportive, genuine and inspiring environment, helping us to explore our artistic vision and unleash our creativity with no fear and hesitation. I have learned a lot from Muriel and dared a lot, and I’m really thankful for having her by my side in this journey.

Yara Amache

Yara Amache graduated with a B.A. in Film-making from the Lebanese American University of Beirut in 2021. She has participated in the 2016 intensive summer program in “Prague Film School”. She has performed in several plays in Masrah El Madina like “Tenfeeseh by Awad Awad” where she had also assisted in the coordination of the Mishkal Festival (2018-2019)
and has performed in Zoukak Theatre ” Inkishat by Line Itani”
She has worked as a videographer and editor with Beirut Heritage Initiative in 2022 and is currently working with UNESCO on the documentation of the Sursock Palace rehabilitation program. In addition to freelancing as a video editor with ‘Khateera’ starting 2023.

The intuitive filmmaking workshop provided a transformative experience that stands out from any other creative experience I’ve been through. It awakened a childlike presence within me, reconnecting me with my instinctual ability to be fully present in the moment. Witnessing the alignment of my energy with the fear I explored and observing the responsive unfolding of my external reality was truly magical. However, transforming your internal and external reality into a collaborator and learning to trust the process requires a tremendous amount of courage, but the rewards are undoubtedly worth it. The film I created felt like a collaborative creation, infused with the collective energy of the group. We all contributed to each other’s work, and the vulnerability displayed by the participants inspired my own creative journey. Muriel played a vital role in ensuring that my work reached its most crystallized form without compromising its essence. Her unwavering support and involvement in every step of the way made me feel supported and never alone. I am deeply inspired to carry the purity of this method into my future projects, as it has empowered me to deconstruct the notion of control and the need to intellectualize the creative process. This lab has brought me closer to discovering my own unadorned language of expression, and it’s quite a liberating outcome. This experience is valuable for anyone whose willing to face themselves without judgement and explore transformative experiences.

Tia Naamy

A resilient human being who believes in love, faith, and hope, 24 years old translation student and audiovisual creator. Having always been a creative person, creativity always intended to show in my daily life. Since I was young I loved photography and loved languages too, so today I work in both fields. My goals are always to grow bigger than my fears, so I always aim to rebel as I’ve done before: rebel on my past self, my family, my community and everyone or everything which might stand in the way of life’s flow. That is how I became the person I am today.

The intuitive film lab is a unique experience which does not focus on the technicality of filmmaking but on the importance of creating based on an internal motive based on truth and guts. The experience was eye opening for me as a self taught artist since the whole process was not based on how much we knew but on how much we felt and expressed. The team was a huge part of the adventure, as artists we rose together and lived an emotional experience which cannot be taught through classical education. The film lab conductor was objectively truthful and the honesty led each of us to be truthful in turn. I do advise this experience to other filmmakers for them to rediscover the truthful call which led them to shoot, edit, and share films.

Karim Chreyteh

Being born in a very mixed Lebanese family allowed me from my young age to build a free personality, very different from the people around me; the different languages, cultures and regions inspired me to become the person I am.
For a long time I knew that I wanted to become an actor for the passion to embody characters that do not resemble me and to use all my creativity. which later led me to meet the 7th art “CINEMA”, where I became the creator of these characters where I want to express all my ideas and dreams without limits.

The creative process was very intense, I learned to listen to myself first, to create in a group, to share and let our ideas spread in the group, and the most important thing is to transform our emotions into sounds and images. The most important thing is that we had to be very secure and the protection of Muriel really helped us to be true and also delivering the assistance of the whole team helped the procedure to go smoothly. I recommend this program for any artist to live a unique experience and experience the true power of image and sound.

Charbel Chouchany

Born in 1995, Charbel Chouchany is a Lebanese filmmaker currently based in Beirut. He primarily functions as a director, photographer, and videographer, contributing his talents to diverse projects ranging from commercials, documentaries to short films.
Throughout his film studies, he successfully acquired a bachelor’s degree from the American University of Technology. Furthermore, he gained invaluable experience through a one-year filmmaking workshop he attended in Italy back in 2018.

The creative process was mesmerizing in terms of its deep personal nature. The program allowed me and evey other participant to delve into their fears and uncover buried memories, using them as the building blocks for our stories. This collective process provided insights into oneself as an artist and highlighted the importance of authenticity and honesty.
The group was a crucial element of the program. Within the safe community, it was not just about the artistic goal itself, but also a perceptive exploration of how each artist artistically portrays their own unique fears. This sense of belonging and artistic freedom can only be found within the comfort of this community.
From the very beginning, the conductor of the film lab, Muriel, established herself as a person worthy of trust. Her methods and guidance in implementing the process to achieve a greater vision were mesmerizing. Muriel remarkably navigated the delicate process, providing well-placed criticism that helped us dig our own paths throughout the program. Trusting and surrendering to her expertise allowed us to witness the magic of this distinctive process.
This experience has significantly changed my perception of writing. I was always hooked with aesthetic and beauty, often overlooking the uniqueness that comes from one’s own self. I have realized the significance of embracing my own voice and experiences as a child, allowing this to shape my narratives in a profound and personal way. Overall, it has been a transformative shift in my artistic approach. I’m eager to see what comes next.
I highly recommend this program, but it’s not meant for everyone. There are certain types of filmmakers that can truly appreciate this, some others might not. Aside from that, filmmakers such as writers, directors, and cinematographers can gain a new artistic insight and perspective that can greatly benefit them in their creative endeavors.

Fear Team

Adham Dimashki

Filmlab Coordinator

Adham Al Dimashki is a Lebanese visual artist and poet. A University lecturer in art therapy and self- development. His poetry was published in the Arab world and translated to English, French, Armenian and German; Al Dimashki won several prizes for his work. He is the founder of “Anbar” cultural festival which he hosts in his own house yearly.

My mother kneaded me with legends, and taught me to make a wish when I see meteors crossing on a dark night, or when I see a rainbow. On one of the rooftops in Ashrafieh, where Muriel Aboulrouss resides on the ground floor of the same building, whose roof she annually revives with her cinematic laboratory of creation by intuition, I saw nine intuitive films, nine colors, not seven: the first is white and the last is black, lining up a triumphal arch in the sky of Beirut. So I made a wish and promised myself, nine new directors, who delved into their depths in search of fear, which prompted me more than once during my follow-up to the series creation to ask: Wouldn’t it have been easier for the nine directors to jump from the fourth floor instead of jumping into their depths in search of suppressed or repressed emotions? And if the first jump calls for inevitable death or paralysis, will the one who jumps inside oneself escape the consequences of such a confrontation and allow stuck feelings to pass through and liberate?? My mother taught me to believe in miracles, but I have never seen them happen except in art, art that leaks light and ink, art that showed us that individual reconciliation leads to collective reconciliation. It is the first time that I am reassured upon seeing fear. I am sure that whoever lives in this cinematic laboratory will not give up and will not fear for the future of art and people in Lebanon!

Victor Bresse

Sound Designer

Victor Bresse is a Lebanese Sound Engineer, working from his own studio in Beirut. Victor started in the music field and soon transitioned to music production before working as a sound engineer and sound designer on films, ranging from short to feature fiction and nonfiction films.
Among his latest projects, the sound design of “Souad” a Feature Film which premiered in Cannes. “Tales of the Purple House” by Abbas Fahdel premiered in Locarno and the Sound Design of “Miguel’s War” Which is still touring around the world.

The process of mixing these nine shorts in nine days for the intuitive film lab, felt like a daily rebirth, a reminder to let go, in a world without boundaries; where we could follow the films needs and forget about the classical rules of sound for films; each morning felt like Christmas, where I receive a new AAF with the film and run to unwrap it and discover a new sprout that needed some care before being released in the wild.

Elias Nemer


I have been in the film industry for more than 12 years. I found myself in color grading 5 years ago and have been grading nonstop eversince. Now senior digital colorist at Hedgehog post house, I work with many high-end clients and have graded many beautiful looking commercials, series, music videos, short and feature films, and documentaries. I carry with me a deep knowledge and experience of all aspects of cinema and filmmaking. I am an expert in Davinci Resolve and can work in Baselight, and am a professional in all workflows, color spaces, and technical details pertaining to the grading and finishing process. I love working on all types of projects and making beautiful images to better tell your story.

This was the second year as colorist for The Intuitive FilmLab. As per usual i had a great time. In the studio we had artistic freedom to grade images in non conventional ways, sometimes even distoring images to result in films that are not only metaphysically provoking but also visually, where each film has its own colors, mood and look which is chosen by the artist. Other than this, Muriel, The FilmLab team, and the students are all very welcoming and warm where through the journey of each discovering their film, have become closer togehter as a group. Every year is always a great experience and joy to work with, meet and learn about the artists part of The intuitive FilmLab.

Shukriya Azzam


She inherited the profession from her mother, and to this day she still insists on kneading and baking the bread in the same way. She was widowed early, so she raised her children on her own, and took care of them with love and tenderness.

I am grateful & happy to feel needed by the youth and to be able to feed all of them with love.

Adeeb Farhat

Post Production Supervisor

I am a self-made hardworking and dedicated storyteller. I am a Human Rights Defender and history enthusiast who uses his passion for visuals and art and history to create and document compelling stories.

Being a Cine-Jammer in 2022’s Ana series, i had the chance to experience an overwhelming process of digging inside my deep feelings and translating it through visuals and sharing with with others. Along side 8 other filmmakers and a great team of mentors and techical experts it was a journey of filmmaking and human connection. I had the chance to meet filmmakers who became close friends and project partners. In 2023’s fear, i was happy to be part of this journey again but this time as a post production supervisor, Witnessing and supporting filmmakers undergo a similar but also different process. Seeing the result being born, i understand now how lucky i was to be part of it and how hard yet exciting it is. I am glad to be part of this experience and again i met 9 filmmakers who i look up to as filmmakers and whom i am excited to share this life with.

Shadi Rabahi


Before graduating from AUT with a BA in Audio-Visual Communication, I collaborated on 10 short films with international filmmakers. After creating 3 short films and 8 years of working as a producer, writer, director and actor, I am now working towards being a truly intuitive creator.

The Intuitive Filmlab is a rare opportunity to nurture artists and empower them to reveal their own artistic identity. The results of the program are: liberated artists, a family, a truly authentic series and the never-ending love and support of Muriel and Denise.

Hiba Louis


Hiba Louis is a Lebanese expert in languages and translation with a Master’s degree in International Commercial Negotiations from the Lebanese University – Beirut | Sorbonne Paris III. She has been managing for 7 years now a production house producing films that handle big events and advertising. Now she’s evolving into managing film productions, series and fiction. She was the producer of the award-winning short film “Alnajma”, starring Aida Sabra and directed by Gilbert Karam. She is known for her two consecutive Christmas TV campaigns honoring Beirut Blast victims entitled “Christmas Heroes”. Hiba always had a passion for reading, watching, creating and writing stories. She strongly supports justice in her society and seeks to spread empowering messages especially to the middle eastern women through Cinema. Hiba is currently co-writing her first TV series STATUS QUO which won the VIS Paramount Best Storytellers award at Conecta Fiction & Entertainment in 2022.

The intuitive film lab is an intense experience lived by artists, giving birth to remarkable and sentimental films. This puts pressure on me as a translator to harmonize words in a foreign language with the profound emotions conveyed by these films. Typically, words struggle to transmit feelings as effectively as audio-visual means. Therefore, it was a pleasure for me to attempt to blend with these humble tools in order to preserve the highly emotional material born from Home of Cine-Jam. Thank you for trusting me with your works of art.

Denise Jabbour


Denise Jabbour is an award winning Creative Producer from Lebanon. After a few years of working as an agency producer in Dubai, She came back to Lebanon & worked on a numerous award winning projects. In 2014, she produced and initiated “Zyara”, the award winning doc web-series, in partnership with Muriel Aboulrouss as the first creation of their Association “Home of Cine-Jam”. Today she is the main investor and supporter of the intuitive filmlab program since it’s relaunch in 2021.

I am grateful to be witnessing & contributing to the beauty and intensity of “The Intuitive Film Lab”, where filmmakers come together to create freely from their guts, expressing their feelings without fear, sharing their vulnerability and deepest emotions without shame, and listening to each other without judgment. Although the creation of each film starts from a personal experience, from a very personal emotion, the final result becomes universal by stirring discomfort within the viewers, revealing their own emotions in perspective to the topic. This unique filmlab is created & conducted by Muriel Aboulrouss, who is always there to provide support, motivation, guidance and protection, to empower them into being themselves, building a community of authentic artists, spreading love and light.