to lebanon

Zyara is an Arabic word that means “Visit” or “encounter”. "Zyara" is an award winning web series created by Muriel Aboulrouss & Denise Jabbour, Produced by Home of Cine-Jam.
"Zyara" is a series of poeticized portraits featuring authentic emotional stories of resilience by people living in Lebanon.
Zyara, since 2014, has been highlighting people who transcended their greatest challenges in life and kept moving forward with faith and positivity. We believe that we are here on a visit, we believe that we need to learn from each other, respect one another and focus on what brings us together.
Zyara is an ongoing artistic and humanitarian project that aims to wander around the world and to give a voice to all everyday heroes beyond geographical borders in promoting oneness and archiving human emotions & experiences for the generations to come.