Season 2

Zyara season 2 honors “differently able” everyday heroes living in Beirut, Lebanon. This season who’s challenge requires self love beyond physical on mental limitations; Featuring Marie Khoury (quadriplegic painter), Pierre Geagea (deaf dancer), Afaf Merheb (small person graphic designer), Wissam Roukoz (paraplegic car race champion), Manal Houssary (Mother with ALS), Rabih Jammal (blind lawyer), Elissa Harik (Photographer with dandy walker), Pierre Nassif (paraplegic wood carver), Rita Esber (entrepreneur with a missing limb), Bassem Fayad (award winning filmmaker facing mental health), Mariana Abi Nakhoul (yoga instructor with burnt skin), Ghassan Jabra (life observer with Duchenne muscular atrophy).

Zyara is the original creation of Home of Cine-Jam, an award-winning documentary series that paints poetic portraits of people. Through 5-minute episodes, Zyara manages to engrave parts of its subjects’ souls, some of their stories and most of all, their emotions.

Home of Cine-Jam is an association for Humanitarian Arts. Its main objective is to inspire and induce social emotional healing through authentic short films or series & to archive human emotions through audiovisual Art.