Cinejam 2012, 2013

Cine-Jam was born in February 2012, the Film Lab was conducted by Muriel three times in Beirut and once at FAMU film school in Prague in autumn 2013. A total of four batches resulted in 27 short intense films portraying genuine emotions with images and sounds that are unique and specific to each artist.

Karim Ghorayeb


Born in 1987 Karim lives in Beirut. He Studied at USJ Iesav. Currently working as director of photography. Attended many workshops and wants to become a filmmaker

“There is the desire to change, to follow one’s instinct and believe in one’s self, to see what, alone, light can create; and there is Cine-Jam. Cine-Jam is the only cinematography workshop that I attended, where I was taught cinematography without once mentioning the technique.”

Elias Daaboul


Elias is a Lebanese filmmaker. Born and raised in Beirut, He studied the art of filmmaking and cinema at the University of Saint Joseph Beirut (IESAV). In Cine-jam, With “Toska” Elias hopes to translate an untranslatable word into images and sounds.

“Cine-Jam was a wonderful therapeutic and healing experience for me. I got to test my skills as a filmmaker and a cinematographer. With the guidance and helpful insight of Muriel, I was able to address some pending issue related to my personal and professional life and translate them in to a short film that I’m proud of. The group’s approach was a very effective; each member of the group addressed his ideas and problems in a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment, with us growing closer after each gathering.”

Farah Alameh


Farah is a Lebanese independent filmmaker; she is also a lecturer at the Lebanese University. She graduated in 2009 from Saint Joseph University in Beirut “IESAV”. She directed numerous short films, music videos, and documentaries. Her first short film “docile” got worldwide acclaim and prizes. Farah received in 2011 the “promising director” award certificate from Carlton University in Canada for her medium-length documentary “ seeking Wadad R.” 

“Cine-Jam delves deeply into the different technical and expressive elements of visual filmmaking. Beyond that, Muriel Aboulrouss assists each of the Cine-Jammers in seeking their genuine self, their memories, pains, and memorable moments, so that all this becomes the patchwork canvas of the film. This inner quest reveals light. As a director, I have truly discovered that cinematography is the visual speech of sentiments… It sounds like quite a straightforward idea but Cine-Jamming was most of all a unique individual understanding and a considerable eye-opener for me.”

Yann Charaoui


Yann Abroyan Charaoui is an audio-visual artist, music producer, filmmaker & world citizen. Growing wiser by the day. My motto: “Be who you’re supposed to be”. Graduated from Central St Martins, Middlesex University and NY Film Academy.

“This film-making workshop felt like a bloody surgery… like a hand reaching in for secrets and emotions. Muriel’s brilliance allowed trusting my instinct and moving from a place of the heart”

Remie Maksoud


Remie Maksoud is an audiovisual graduate from Saint Joseph University (I.E.S.A.V). She has worked for 8 years as an Art Director for the advertising field and TV shows in Lebanon. She is extremely passionate about films and considers them as a necessity for her personal evolution. She directed 2 short films “Look At ME” (2012), “Home” (2012) & “Applause” part of a short film “Impulse” created within the Jamming with the light workshop. 

“Intensity, fear, adventure, family, home, un tourbillon, 8 beautiful souls, weakness, power, personal, nature, self-discovery, a new way of thinking, a new way of storytelling. A combination between what cinema is and what we have now… how we can use this “now”, which is almost nothing, to make films. We had a conductor who is ready for everything, a fighter, a passionate, only one goal and one aim… passion for cinema. In Cine-Jam I saw men, in Cine-Jam I fell in love, in Cine-Jam I felt home, in Cine-Jam I saw a new side of Muriel Aboulrouss… and it’s only the beginning.”

Cyril Aris


Cyril Aris is a young Lebanese Director and writer, currently studying for his Masters in Fine Arts (Concentration Directing/Screenwriting) at Columbia University in the city of New York, where he wrote and directed two shorts. Previously, Along with Mounia Akl, he co-wrote & co-directed a TV/Web series “Beirut, I Love You” produced by LBCI, a web series “Fasateen” by Batoota Films and Yahoo Maktoob, and other short films, corporate videos, and music videos.

“A life changing experience on a personal and professional level. A new take on what cinema is really about, one of the most comfortable places to exorcise feelings, ideas and thoughts. In a world where we “think too much and feel so little” Cine-Jam and Muriel are here to remind us what life is really about and how cinema should follow.”

Inaam Attar


Inaam Attar holds a bachelor’s degree in performing arts – Audiovisual from Saint-Joseph university – IESAV. In addition, Inaam participated in various workshops and training such as “Journaliste reporter d’images/JRI”, “Cine-Jam” & “Jamming with the Light”.  Among her writing/directing credits are the following two short films “Once upon a time… The dinosaur” and “monologues of a pig” the only short film student to ever compete at the Camerimage festival in Poland.

A lack of comfort followed by peace, not any comfort, not any emotions, 9 emotions, eyes gazing at each other and others avoiding it. A soundtrack of laughter, tender words, screaming, and pain. A life experience. A new life.

Dania Bdeir


Dania Bdeir is a Lebanese writer/director of Syrian origins. She was born in Canada and later moved back to Beirut where she got her Bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the American University of Beirut. Dania now resides in New York City and is getting her MFA in film at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

That is who I am, no trailer, no eyes, and no blankness. I truly know who I am and u know me because you saw me. You saw through me since day 1 and that is what made me open up. Thank you. Thank u. Thank u. You are an incredible beautiful person who has touched and changed our lives; each and every one of us. You are an amazing walking positive passionate and motivating energy. God knows I fought in this workshop, I fought you, and I fought the other 7 beautiful people. I fought whatever possibility this workshop can give me. But you Muriel made me stay and I am so thankful for that. It is a great one-of-a-kind enlightening journey; More than a workshop. My friends in NYC got so jealous when I told them in detail about this experience. They saw the light in my eyes. Yes, my blank eyes & saw Cine-Jam’s beauty shining through them. Change starts with just one person. You are going to change the world Muriel. I promise you that you are.

Mounia Akl


Mounia Akl is a young starting Lebanese Director and Actress, currently studying for her MFA (Concentration Directing/Screenwriting) at Columbia University in New York where she wrote a feature script and directed two short films. Her previous works in Lebanon involve Directing and acting, amongst which are “Beirut I love you” & “Fasateen”, co-directed and acted with Cyril Aris.

Cine-Jam changed my conception of film forever. It made us cry, scream, dig deep in our scars, laugh, love, feel… making us realize that no film is created without going through this process: feeling, bleeding. Muriel, with her generosity, honesty, bluntness, creativity, created a bond between 9 people including herself, 9 people who discovered a bit of who they are, and who are forever changed.

Cherine Khoury


After finishing her degree in film at ALBA, Cherine moved to Montreal where she directed several short films within the film school INIS. Once done & back in Beirut, she started working as an Assistant Director, which gave her the opportunity to work alongside great professionals. Cherine is now in NYC working as a videographer on fashion shoots, music videos & directing advertising.

A slap; An awakening; A revelation; An expression; A new family. Friends and family asked me: What is the workshop about? I am not sure, I answered. It’s because I want to keep the emotion to myself, I want it to overgrow on me and finally come out in the most genuine form, a movie. Thank you Muriel.

Bachar Khattar


Born in 1988, Bachar Khattar studied audio-visual in USJ 2005-2009. He started as a camera assistant on a documentary “Mercedes” in 2008; then as a director of photography on web series 2010-2011. In 2012 He shot a short film directed by Remie Maksoud “Look at me” that earned the best cinematography award at the NDU film festival. He is currently working on TV-Commercials, TV programs, Video clips, and short documentaries.

“It was a life-changing experience, an adventure full of love and fear. I am a new person now… Thank you Muriel for sharing with us all your passion”

Rita Haddad


Rita Haddad is a Lebanese artist who graduated from Notre Dame University and is currently working as a freelance editor as well as a promotion producer. She is also a DJ and finds her oxygen in designing sound to help people around her understand what it’s like inside her head. She took part in cine-jam the workshop and directed a short film: HOWL.

Cine-Jam is the radioactive spider that awakened my superpowers. Cine-Jam reconciled me with my feelings, my body, and myself. It reminded me how no matter the different things we go through we really are all the same. Beautiful people, a circle of trust, and all the colors I had been missing for so long. Most of all Cine-Jam made me see the light. The real light, now everywhere I go I notice the light and it tells me what to do.

Najib Chamchoum


Najib Chamchoum (May 1985), born in Lebanon raised between Nigeria and Lebanon he developed a passion for arts and in particular the seventh art. Currently Najib is getting a degree in film-making and scriptwriting, The artistic side of Najib spans from writing poetry and prose, leading to painting and drawing. He Works on graduate films as a scriptwriter, and assistant director, he is also freelancing within the field in pursuit of more experience 

I don’t know what to say honestly… THANK YOU is just too simple for this whole experience… Since the moment I saw the first and second batch films till I met you, through the moment I met the jammers of my group (3rd batch)… my new family… this has been one hell of an Epic pilgrimage! Cine-Jam made me realize how simple it can be to combine emotions and portray them in a film so that others can feel with us no matter where they are in the world. I want to say that I love your watching eye over all of us… I want to hug the rest of the world with feelings, emotions, films, love & light.

Alicia Fahed

Art Director/Director

Born august 1986, Alicia graduated from USEK in 2009, where she created her first short film “wala shi”. Her second short “Ya-qa-za” came to life through “Cine-jam” a filmmaking workshop by Muriel Aboulrouss. She currently work in Art direction, and looking forward for a new short film.  

Tornado, love, adventure, emotion, trip, authenticity, beautiful people. I don’t want this to end but it has to. Cine-Jam gave me a lot to carry. I can’t find words to express it but it will come one day I am sure.

Elsy Hajjar


Born in Jounieh, 1990. In 2013 Elsy directed and shot her first short film “I call it love”, for which she earned the degree in audio-visual studies at The Holly Spirit University – Kaslik, Lebanon. In the same year, she took part in “Cine-Jam”, a filmmaking workshop where I created my 2nd short film “MaKro”. For Elsy, Cinematography & filmmaking is are intense passions that drive every day of my life.

Cine-Jam was intense, beautiful and breath-taking through all the ups and downs I internally went through. It gave me a sense of belonging that I have never experienced before with any group of people. Cine-Jam was like taking a deep breath of love and support. It triggered my film-making addiction and I am deeply thankful for this process

Jamal Jaafar


Jamal Jaafar is a Lebanese filmmaking graduate from Saint Joseph University (IESAV). He has been working as an assistant director in Lebanese music videos and a segment director in many T.V programs. In 2013 he participated in “Cine-Jam” through which he directed a short film entitled “JooJanna” 

Cine-Jam is a spiritual state of mind that builds bridges between us and others. It unveils the divine light that lies within us and reflects it back on the universe. Cine-Jam is the language of gods and light, it goes beyond just making films. Cine-Jam leads to the restoration of the soul and heart.

Noor Dagher

Camera Operator

Noor has a BA degree in radio TV and film from LAU. She later specialized in cinematography at Met Film School, London. She has been working in Beirut for the last year. She is interested in camera operating and focus pulling. 

Cine-Jam is an experience that taught me how to accept. Mainly “accept” is the word. Accept people, accept emotions, accept feelings and deal with them. It taught me to love myself. Need more people like you Muriel; your values and the way you deal with life helped me big time. I forgive now and love people’s mistakes. I am very excited to make more short films… happy to try… daring to try! I wish all people can go through this. It’s life-changing. I love you.

Patrick Issa


Patrick Issa is a videographer, graduated from AL KAFAAT INSTITUTE in Radio TV. After his Thirteen years career as a videographer in Lebanon and Arabian Gulf countries, it was time for a change by becoming “a Filmmaker Travelling Nomad” following his passion to film new stories in each country. He directed a feature documentary and two experimental short movies.

Cine-Jam was my first trip in real emotional Arts. I adore the Jammers; love the place, the energy… thank you Muriel Aboulrouss for giving me the chance to live this journey. I learned a technique that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else: to feel and use my emotions as a canvas to my visuals and sounds. Thank you, I am full of gratitude, love and light.

Yara Yuri Safadi


Yara Yuri Safadi was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1992. She then moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to live there till she was 17. She came back to Beirut to study audiovisual arts and filmmaking in ALBA. She graduated in 2013. Currently working as a freelancer to gain more experience in directing and screenwriting.

Cine-Jam wasn’t a workshop, and it isn’t over. I just learned in a month what nobody has ever taught me and it will carry on with me as long as I shall live. The biggest word I have to say is “I AM GRATEFUL”.

Vojtech Votypka


Vojtech Votypka is a Director of photography, Colorist, Editor and Digital composer. He has hard work ability at once with sustainable pro work result even under very difficult conditions. He has a strong motivation, sense for responsibility & flexibility. 

Cine-Jam was a surprising challenge, I was sure it would be difficult for me, but a complex event like this one was a must in my life. Cine-Jam is very strong in it’s concept, uncovering the hidden in us can be exciting and painful at the same time but still, serves a great purpose under the very sensitive lead of Muriel Aboulrouss. Being part of this workshop is like taking a great voyage, with a brand new crew, who reach for new borders that extend their horizon; to become more creative, original, intuitive and emotional. It just brings new spirit to conventional ways of filmmaking in producing strong films that can touch you.

Barbora Debranova


Barbora Debnárová (Dancer), born in 1990 in Slovakia´, in the small village of Vlkanová. She is a student in the Academy of Performing Arts. Specializing in the department of “Mime/Nonverbal Theatre”. She loves movement, people, adventures & laughing.

Cine-Jam gave me a place where I felt like in a family’s home. Cine-Jam gave me a place to think about my inner self. I stopped thinking about dramaturgy, how my work will look, if people will understand my story, my feelings… me. It made me ask new questions about myself, about all the pictures inside of my head and all the feelings I have. I forget about describing my feelings, it’s hard, I get confused, but you helped me. It was wonderful observing and seeing how other jammers feel and see the world around us. For me it was interesting to see my feelings through the camera, not only through theatre. Cine-Jam is a good way to transform feelings and make marvel out of them.

Emma Piper-Burket


Emma Piper-Burket films, writes, collects, and explores; focusing on non-fiction media and the blurry lines surrounding it. She prefers film to video, old to new, hand-made to mass-produced, and never says no to a home cooked meal. She graduated from Georgetown University in 2005 and is currently studying for an MFA in film directing at FAMU in Prague. She graduated in 2015 and ready to conquer the world.

There are very few opportunities to explore with such heart and rigor. Cine-Jam gives us that and I am extremely grateful for it. As artists – and beginning Artists – it’s something that we do individually as we try to find our way to our center, but it’s very special to be able to do this in a group environment. The warmth and safety of it all, really does make Cine-Jam so unique and it is an experience I really wish for all. Thank you Muriel for creating this space. I carry it and all of you with me from here on.

Sona Jelinkova

Performer/Artist Animation

Sona Jelinkova is 25 years old, she is a bachelor at FAMU film school, Prague – Czech republic. She is passionate about singing and her dream is making films about eternal love and fairy tales.

I was waiting for this opportunity, being without strict analysis, without any expectations only strong emotive pictures, which is a must for a human like me. It’s hard to accept who you are, because you must accept the consequences of your behavior, it’s a big responsibility. Muriel was my first real teacher, she saw in me the little girl who can grow up. She called me a creator and I started to believe that I can change the world, as long as I am honest with my feeling towards the world, history, fear and the desire to be loved. The world is about sharing and the art is about whispering to the soul: there is hope

Ilona Malá


Ilona Malá works in animation & editing. She studied contemporary art and design at Západočeská univerzita. Now she studies editing at FAMU. Making films is like painting by time and she loves painting. Her favorite meal is apple pie. 

Beautiful changes Muriel, like a light in the countryside. Cine-Jam brings us knowledge through simply everything. You know, the universe, the soul, the sun and the people. Before this jamming experience, I believed in goodness inside everyone… Hidden, but it is there. Now I know how to discover it… by the heart. I want to keep this. I think you are making something very important, you can help us to love ourselves, please don’t stop. Please, the whole world needs people like you. I’ll try to share these experiences with other people I meet. Cine-Jam really creates a friendly atmosphere, not only every artist but also every human being should go through this kind of experience. As an artist, now I know how to discover the real meaning behind the artist’s masterpiece.

Xiaolu Hu


Xiaolu Hu, comes from Shanghai, China. She is an Erasmus student in FAMU now and she will finish her master degree in Film Directing at California Institute of the Arts, USA. She wants to be a cat, which can catch all the sensitive beauties. Her dream is to shoot some films, which are focused on people’s stories in developed or underdeveloped countries all over the world.

Cine-Jam saved my life. I was staying in bed for two weeks because I didn’t feel I belong here in Prague, but I made the smart decision to take this workshop with Muriel. It really changed me! I felt that life is not that sad or depressive anymore! For me now, there’s hope, love and beauty in the future. Muriel has a very strong heart and everyone in this workshop gave me courage and power. It is not just about films. The most important feeling I got from this workshop is “understanding”, it’s about how to evoke your inside world and awaken your deep soul. If we can follow our heart, every film will be the best, because of the genuine and pure emotion it holds. In everything, filmmaking, creating art, cooking, laughing, follow the heart and Jam.

Silke Eggert


Silke worked as an author, music journalist and TV-Production assistant before turning to the screen. She is currently completing a screenwriting course at DFFB, Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin, writing movies, short stories, poems, images and sounds, and living her dream of bringing them to life.
The link for the film is available upon request.

Do you know that I almost didn’t come to cine-jam? Although I applied ages ago and was really looking forward to it. For some reason I found myself sitting in bed, crying, feeling really confused and not wanting to go. It had something to do with being pregnant and not wanting to travel alone… but that’s not all; I already knew what was coming: a very cathartic experience, during which I had to come to terms with a lot of my deep fears that felt painful sometimes but also very liberating. Thank you and thank you my fellow jammers!

Wai Mar Nyunt


Wai Mar Nyunt is from Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). She studied Fine Arts at University of Culture in Yangon. She had done some group art shows including some installations & video art before she started studying film in 2008 at a documentary filmmaking workshop. She had made some documentaries for NGOs, short fictions with FAMU-Burma workshops and in 2009 she got an offer for scholarship from Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU), Czech Republic. 

I think I am happily sinking at the bottom of my heart. Living in Europe, studying film at FAMU, have been a turning point in my life and Cine-Jam is the taste I have needed for myself. Studying abroad has not been easy for me at all. There are things that I’m going to keep as sweet memories and there are things that I’m going to carry all my life. Four weekends with Cine-Jam, the amazing people I met and my discovery, will be a space that I am keeping with me all my life. Thank you Cine-Jam.