Season 4

Zyara season 4 honors everyday heroes living in Beirut, Lebanon; some on an inspirational mission like Ghada Feghali (educational activist), Hiba Zibawi (founder of Ishbilia theater Saida), Adham Dimashki (poet, painter and cultural activist), Elie Ballan (activist for the LGBT community), Wadad Halwani (founder of Committee of the Families of the Kidnapped and Disappeared in Lebanon), Marc Torbey (president Joy of Living Foundation) and Gina Halik (activist for spinal muscula atrophy awareness); some beautiful artists who share with us stories of loss and transformation like Abdulrahman Katanani (Palestinian artist), Amal Kaawash (Palestinian singer/writer), Yasmina Ali (Syrian hairdresser) and Youssef Majed (paraplegic carpenter & Yoga teacher). Last but not least we have the chance to visit Salah Tizani a giant of Lebanese comedy known as Abou Salim.

Zyara is the original creation of Home of Cine-Jam, an award-winning documentary series that paints poetic portraits of people. Through 5-minute episodes, Zyara manages to engrave parts of its subjects’ souls, some of their stories and most of all, their emotions.

Home of Cine-Jam is an association for Humanitarian Arts. Its main objective is to inspire and induce social emotional healing through authentic short films or series & to archive human emotions through audiovisual Art.