Season 1

Zyara season 1 honors everyday heroes living in Beirut, Featuring Souad Razzouk (a feminist farmer), Henry Loussian (jewelery designer and his love of Beirut), Dei el Ayoubi (Australian Lebanese visual artist), Perrar Naimeh (patriot & fisheman), Samantha Bissessar (mother and gender identity), Nehmatallah Jabbour (retired photographer & nostalgia), Renee Deek (an actress who longed for freedom ), Alexandre Paulikevich (a dancer against all odds), Joanna Raad (multidisciplinary artist and paternal love), Antranik Dakessian (a teacher with a confession), Danielle Abi Saab (American Lebanese Yogi) & Ali Bou Dehn (ex war detainee and his journey back home from prison).

Zyara is the original creation of Home of Cine-Jam, an award-winning documentary series that paints poetic portraits of people.
Through 5-minute episodes, Zyara manages to engrave parts of its subjects’ souls, some of their stories and most of all, their emotions.

Home of Cine-Jam is an association for Humanitarian Arts. Its main objective is to inspire and induce social emotional healing through authentic short films or series & to archive human emotions through audiovisual Art.