Season 5

Zyara season 5 honors everyday heroes living in Beirut, Lebanon.
In this season we feature Minerva Jabbour (a mother reminiscing on the Lebanese war), Mohammad Toya el Masri (a half Lebanese half Philipino photographer sharing with us the pain of racism as a child), Maya Chams Ibrahimshah (founder of Beit el Baraka), Raja Sabra (Acro Yoga teacher who bravely shares his OCD and journey with anxiety), Aya Jallad (award winning fashion designer despite scleroderma), Elie Barakat AKA Noir (poetic photographer obsessed with death), Souhad Karam (a mother and a wife who still awaits her kidnapped husband for 4 decades), Alberto Nehme (a rejected child who becomes an artist with a great heart), Mey Sahhab (single mother and artist), Jad Hadid (abandoned as a child becomes an international model), Amar Omri ( reinventing herself, Amar speaks of the pain of silence) and last but not least we end our season with a portrait of the great actor Gabriel Yammine after his miraculous survival from cancer.

Zyara is the original creation of Home of Cine-Jam, an award-winning documentary series that paints poetic portraits of people. Through 5-minute episodes, Zyara manages to engrave parts of its subjects’ souls, some of their stories and most of all, their emotions.

Home of Cine-Jam is an association for Humanitarian Arts. Its main objective is to inspire and induce social emotional healing through authentic short films or series & to archive human emotions through audiovisual Art.