Season 3

Zyara season 3 honors everyday heroes living in Beirut, Lebanon; some on an inspirational mission like Mona Khalil (ecologist), Yasmina Audi (Blogger), Hayat Fakhoury (equine therapist), Kassem Istambuli (dreamer, actor), & some who overcame addiction & different aspects of abuse like Charles Kassatly (filmmaker), Hady Mehdi (social worker), Mirella Salemeh (artist), Ahmad Sayyed (multi disciplinary artists), Sasha Elijah (hybrid model) and Talal Gharib (paperless survivor); also in this season we honor Omar Mikati (actor) and Aline Manoukian (retired war photographer).

Zyara is the original creation of Home of Cine-Jam, an award-winning documentary series that paints poetic portraits of people. Through 5-minute episodes, Zyara manages to engrave parts of its subjects’ souls, some of their stories and most of all, their emotions.

Home of Cine-Jam is an association for Humanitarian Arts. Its main objective is to inspire and induce social emotional healing through authentic short films or series & to archive human emotions through audiovisual Art.