The Intuitive Filmlab Lives in Beirut


“My mother kneaded me with legends, and taught me to make a wish when I see meteors crossing on a dark night, or when I see a rainbow. On one of the rooftops in Ashrafieh, where Muriel Aboulrouss resides on the ground floor of the same building, whose roof she annually revives with her cinematic laboratory of creation by intuition, I saw nine intuitive films, nine colors, not seven: the first is white and the last is black, lining up a triumphal arch in the sky of Beirut. So I made a wish and promised myself, nine new directors, who delved into their depths in search of fear, which prompted me more than once during my follow-up to the series creation to ask: Wouldn’t it have been easier for the nine directors to jump from the fourth floor instead of jumping into their depths in search of suppressed or repressed emotions?? And if the first jump calls for inevitable death or paralysis, will the one who jumps inside oneself escape the consequences of such a confrontation and allow stuck feelings to pass through and liberate?? My mother taught me to believe in miracles, but I have never seen them happen except in art…Art that leaks light and ink… Art that showed us that individual reconciliation leads to collective reconciliation.
It is the first time that I am reassured upon seeing fear… I am sure that whoever lives in this cinematic laboratory will not give up and will not fear for the future of art and people in Lebanon!” – Adham Dimashki

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