Ein el Hasoud Tebla bil Aama – Cherine Khoury

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Film title: 3EIN EL HASOUD TIBLA BIL 3AMA (Rot in Hell)
Director: Cherine Khoury
Duration: 4mns 12secs
Synopsis: “A girl in rage against abuse meets a de-construction site”

Cherine Khoury


After finishing her degree in film at ALBA, Cherine moved to Montreal where she directed several short films within the film school INIS. Once done & back in Beirut, she started working as an Assistant Director, which gave her the opportunity to work alongside great professionals. Cherine is now in NYC working as a videographer on fashion shoots, music videos & directing advertising.

A slap; An awakening; A revelation; An expression; A new family. Friends and family asked me: What is the workshop about? I am not sure, I answered. It’s because I want to keep the emotion to myself, I want it to overgrow on me and finally come out in the most genuine form, a movie. Thank you Muriel.