Howl – Rita Haddad

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Film title: HOWL
Director: Rita Haddad
Duration: 4mns
Synopsis: “In the land of childhood dreams the monster is king. Four minutes of the monster within, a wolf, a girl, and a bed”

Rita Haddad


Rita Haddad is a Lebanese artist who graduated from Notre Dame University and is currently working as a freelance editor as well as a promotion producer. She is also a DJ and finds her oxygen in designing sound to help people around her understand what it’s like inside her head. She took part in cine-jam the workshop and directed a short film: HOWL.

Cine-Jam is the radioactive spider that awakened my superpowers. Cine-Jam reconciled me with my feelings, my body, and myself. It reminded me how no matter the different things we go through we really are all the same. Beautiful people, a circle of trust, and all the colors I had been missing for so long. Most of all Cine-Jam made me see the light. The real light, now everywhere I go I notice the light and it tells me what to do.