Watch the Zyara heroes at Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College – June 2023

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We are grateful that the Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College, as part of their cultural festival, invited Zyara to meet their students as well as guests students from other schools. It is a great honor that Zyara played a role in inspiring the youth in a writing competition held within their cultural program that day. We are grateful for the continuous presence of Raja Sabra, Aya Jallad, Alberto Nehme and Fadia Tannir who are always by our side in our awareness & empowering journey at schools. We are grateful for Adham Dimashki who is always by our side and who orchestrated the participation of Zyara as a teacher in this respectful college. Thank you Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College for your trust, thank you for caring deeply about your student’s well being. We will do our best to be by your side as many times as you need.