Y – Najib Chamchoum

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Film title: Y
Director: Najib Chamchoum
Duration: 4mns
Synopsis: A dialogue between a bumblebee and a dragon in rage against ostracism.

Najib Chamchoum


Najib Chamchoum (May 1985), born in Lebanon raised between Nigeria and Lebanon he developed a passion for arts and in particular the seventh art. Currently Najib is getting a degree in film-making and scriptwriting, The artistic side of Najib spans from writing poetry and prose, leading to painting and drawing. He Works on graduate films as a scriptwriter, and assistant director, he is also freelancing within the field in pursuit of more experience 

I don’t know what to say honestly… THANK YOU is just too simple for this whole experience… Since the moment I saw the first and second batch films till I met you, through the moment I met the jammers of my group (3rd batch)… my new family… this has been one hell of an Epic pilgrimage! Cine-Jam made me realize how simple it can be to combine emotions and portray them in a film so that others can feel with us no matter where they are in the world. I want to say that I love your watching eye over all of us… I want to hug the rest of the world with feelings, emotions, films, love & light.