Zyara at MelKart School with Raja Sabra (zyara hero), Video 3 – March 2023

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This video will give you a glimpse into our screening and encounter with the MelKart School on March 14th- 2023. We are grateful for the presence of our hero @acroleb Raja Sabra who made the whole difference by attending our session and standing in front of the students and inspiring them to speak out and embrace who they are as well as others no matter how different they might be. Home of Cine-Jam is working hand in hand with schools and educational institutions who offer their students a safe space for expression. Zyara the documentary series is lending it’s support to the educational mission in helping this rising generation speak up about their traumas and inspire them embrace their emotions, their differences and realize the power and impact of social emotional healing.

Video created by Shadi Rabahi.