Zyara Honoring the wounds of the war within the Allo Beirut Festival 2023

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We are grateful for Allo Beirut Festival, Forumfzleb at Beit Beirut Museum for inviting us to take part in their festival honoring the wounds of the war and raising awareness on the choices we can make for the future. We are grateful for our heroes Ramzi Haydar, Nassim Assaad, Minerva Jabbour, Youssef Majed, Wadad Halwani and Souhad Karam for their trust and courage, we are blessed to carry their stories forever, we stand firmly by their sides for peace and fraternity among Lebanese people. In the absence of Wadad and Souhad, We thank our guest, miss Anjad el Moallem, her sister and her mother who came to share the horror of loosing their father to kidnapping and disappearance during the war. There can be no peace before we find the thousands missing people of Lebanon… truth is a must!!!

Video creator by Shadi Rabahi