Zyara screening at Jamhour College in the presence of Raja Sabra – January 2022

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This video will give you a glimpse into our screening and encounter with the Jamhour college students during January 2022. Home of Cine-Jam is working hand in hand with schools and educational institutions that offer their students a safe space for expression. Zyara the documentary series is lending it’s support to its educational mission in helping this rising generation speak up about its potential pain and inspire them embrace their emotional expression and realize its power as a tool for social-emotional healing. We are grateful for the presence of our hero Raja Sabra who made the whole difference by standing there in front of the students and inspired them to speak out and embrace who they are. We are grateful for Jamhour college, prefect of the 10th grade students, Mme Katia Wehbe, and her amazing team, We are grateful for the amazing students who were overwhelming in their interaction and the full attention they gave Zyara, Raja, and us. we are also grateful for our own head of communication and new member of Home of Cine-Jam, Marie Lamaa, for making this happen.