Premiere of FEAR in Italy


Premiere of FEAR – Lebanese Video Art Series – Home of CineJam // The Intuitive FilmLab – Beirut, Lebanon

Visualcontainer[.BOX] hosts for the first time in Italy the selection of Lebanese video art “Fear”, structured in the form of a series, explores the theme of fear investigated by nine Lebanese artists in an intense collective narrative. During the exhibition, previous series produced by Home of CineJam // The Intuitive FilmLab, “ANA BEIRUT” (Artists: Ghina Abboud, Marie Rose Osta, Amar Sokhn, Bachir Asmar, Jean Pierre Abdayem, Gilbert Karam, Valentina Khawand) will also be screened , Aline Ouais, Sherine Raffoul) and the “ANA” series (Artists: Hala Srouji, Shadi Rabahi, Jean Claude Boulos, Bashar el Khoury, Sandy Belle Boutros, Adeeb Farhat, Elie Azzam, Walid Yazbek, Georges Abou Ghazaleh), experimental productions audiovisuals describing what it means to live in Beirut and Lebanon.

“Fear” is a new and engaging video art series that poignantly explores the complex nature of fear, through the eyes of nine talented Lebanese artists. Each episode of the series offers a deep dive into the artist’s psyche. Over the course of the series, the artists tackle a wide range of fears, from the most common to the deepest: the fear of human experience, of rejection, of abandonment, of love, of darkness, of authority, of isolation and more. With each new episode, we dive deeper into the complex emotional landscape of fear, discovering the many ways it can shape our lives. Through stunning visuals and intimate sound design, “Fear” gives us a unique look at the human experience, revealing the fears we all share. Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply interested in exploring the complexities of the human psyche. Muriel Aboulrouss.

Works on display

FEAR #1 By Line Italy (5’36’’) A reverie between flesh and soul, a journey back to the maternal womb. #fearofflesh #fearofself #fearoftranscending #fearofdeath

FEAR #2 By Alex Meouchy (5’52”) Trapped in a snake’s tail, under the gaze of a cat hunter, dressed in white and ready to go out into the unknown. #fearofentrapment #fearofexpectations #fearoflosingoneself

FEAR #3 By Rayan Zrein (5’17’’) A walk in an upside-down city, where reality fades. Enter the red streets until you reach the blood-drenched staircase. #fearofviolence #fearofabuse #fearofothers #FearofHumans

FEAR #4 By Leen Aoun (4’56’’) Under the gaze of the wild nature, while the sun burns, a woman ventures into her inner demons, in search of sanity. #fearoflosingsanity #fearofbeinglost #fearofself

FEAR #5 By Jamal Jaafar (5’05’’) An escape from a suffocating love into the blue abyss. #fearofparentallove #fearofexistence #fearofexpectations #fearofentrapment

FEAR #6 By Yara Amache (5’08’’) A dive into the dirt of the earth. Is all that is flesh innately cursed? #fearofhumanfilth #fearofinnerdarkness #fearofdeath #fearofinnerdemons #fearofloss #fearofguilt #fearofmortality

FEAR #7 By Tia Naamy (4’55”) A voluntary heavy metal journey into a child’s heartbreak. #fearofauthority #fearofpatriarchy #fearofothers #fearofvoid

FEAR #8 By Karim Chreyteh (5’14’’) Abandoned… Alone with his pain, a boy decides to speak but only the rhythmic noise of the trampoline remains #fearofsilence #fearofbackstabbing #fearofothers #fearofjudgment #fearofviolence

FEAR #9 By Charbel Chouchany (5’03”) A young man wakes up in the absence of colors, burdened by guilt and disturbing shocks. No matter how fast he runs, he finds himself perpetually stuck beneath dripping waters and waiting to taste his long-lost freedom.

#fearofunknown #fearofdanger #fearofviolence #fearofdeath #fearofentrapment #fearoftheordinary #fearofbeingstuck #fearofloneliness #fearoftime

Home of Cine-Jam, a humanitarian arts association based in Beirut, Lebanon. Home of Cine-Jam film-lab aims to reconnect artists with their intuitive and creative powers. The aim of this program is to celebrate the existence of local independent artists, guide them to portray their emotions through audiovisual arts in a free cinematic language, and enable them to embrace their own unique language and way of expression.

Intuitive film lab is an initiative of Home of Cine-Jam, the humanitarian artistic association based in Beirut, Lebanon. The film laboratory is created and led by Muriel Aboulrouss. Cine-Jam is the first user-friendly film laboratory in Lebanon and the Mena region. In 2012/2013 it was made three times in Beirut and once at the FAMU film school in Prague. Four batches in total produced 27 intense short films that portray authentic emotions with images and sounds unique and specific to each artist.

In 2021, after having kept the film laboratory inactive for 9 years due to the social, political and economic situation in Lebanon, the explosion of August 4th in Beirut arrived and revived in us the need to relaunch the film laboratory.

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