The Intuitive Filmlab


“Nestled amidst the vibrant heart of Beirut, high above the bustling streets, a captivating haven awaits—The Intuitive Film Lab. On the rooftop, as the sun’s golden hues melt into twilight, a unique group of artists gathers, embarking on a collective journey into the realm of art in which they explore profound connections between their inner worlds and the visual medium.

At the core of this transformative experience lies a simple yet potent recipe—intuition and love. The driving force behind this endeavor is none other than Muriel, the conductor & guiding light of the Film Lab. Muriel’s belief in the power of intuition infuses the creative process, dares the participants to push their limits and tap into the unknown. The process is fluid, and the outcomes unpredictable—truly, a testament to the raw power of intuition…” – Leen Aoun

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