Ali Abou Dehn

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Ali Abou Dehn is an ex war political detainee who was featured in “Zyara” season one/episode 12 and this video is his feedback on his “Zyara” experience. We are eternally grateful for his love, authenticity and Courage.

translation of testimonial:
Ali Abou Dehn

Zyara is a series that condenses an entire lifetime in 5 minutes
It dusts off your old school books
It brings back memories – good and bad – to the surface
It tells stories and anecdotes that we’ve all been through
and can learn from,
whether they’re just moments, memories, anecdotes or life lessons
They wipe the tears away from your heart
and help you relate with all the people who had the chance
to tell their stories to Zyara
I send my love and gratitutde to the entire Zyara team
and encourage you to keep doing the work you’re doing