Rita Esber

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Rita Esber​ is a young Lebanese entrepreneur who was featured in Zyara season two episode 9 and this video is her feedback on her Zyara experience. We are eternally grateful for her love, positivity and generosity.

Translation of testimonial:
Rita Esber

When Zyara contacted me and told me about
the theme and message for Season 2, I got very excited
I was finally able to express my message,
to communicate my strength and motivate a large number of people
who are too afraid to find their own
I was really excited about video and the filming process
Upon its release, I was restless, waiting for it to air at 9 o’clock
I got a tremendous number of views
It was extraordinary. When I watched it,
I wished I could do it all over again!
And to spread my message even farther
To keep reminding everyone how beautiful life is
It was truly a wonderful experience from the time we shot it
to when it was released on social media