Wissam Roukoz

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Wissam Roukoz is a Lebanese Rally Champion who was featured in “Zyara” season two/episode 4 and this video is his feedback on his “Zyara” experience. We are eternally grateful for his love, authenticity and Courage.

translation of testimonial:
Wissam Roukoz

Hello, Muriel and Denise!
Today, I’d like to give my testimony on Zyara
while standing on my 2 feet
to honor your genius work
I had to watch the short movie you made
maybe 15, 20 times in order to grasp its brilliance
Even though the video doesn’t mention my achievements,
I was told some people cried watching it
as it was so beautifully made
To prove my point, there is this interview
I had done on MTV about skiing
It gathered 34K views when the segment
aired on a prime time news segment
whereas the Zyara episode has gotten 51K views so far
I’d like to congratulate you
You’re doing outstanding work
Great job! All the best for Season 3
I miss you and love you so much!