Antranik Dakessian

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Antranik Dakessian is a Lebanese Armenian Scholar who was featured in “Zyara” season one/episode 10 and this video is his feedback on his “Zyara” experience. We are eternally grateful for his love, authenticity and Courage.

english translation of his testimonial:
Dr Antranik Dakessian

There are times in a human’s life when
certain ideas don’t necessarily bother you
but they make their presence felt in your thoughts and your body
You need something which triggers you,
which should trigger you
and inspire you to get these thoughts,
these ideas out of yourself
so that you can cross to the next stage
or to the next level of thinking
Denise and Muriel, through their project,
gave me that opportunity
and I was able to let it out.
Whatever I had in my spirit, in my soul and body,
express it and cross to the next stage or level
and I thank them for this