Joanna Raad

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Joanna Raad is a Lebanese Multidisciplinary Artist who was featured in “Zyara” season one/episode 9 and this video is her feedback on her “Zyara” experience. We are eternally grateful for her love, authenticity and Courage.

translation of testimonial:
Joanna Raad

Zyara isn’t about where you decide to shoot
It was a visit to a specific part of my life and identity,
The wounded part of my identity
This zyara was not only technically and visually stunning
thanks to Muriel’s wonderful aesthetic skills
A lot of love was put into it
by Muriel, Denise, the entire team
it was a labor of love and passion
It allowed me to be more loving and forgiving toward myself
It helped grow my ability to love
Because when you feel loved,
you are more capable of love
So thank you so much.. words are not enough!