Expired – Farah Alameh

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Film title: EXPIRED
Director: Farah Alameh
Duration: 6mns
Synopsis: “Grief comes when a person has relaxed enough to let go and to face his sorrow. This film portrays a swallowed and untold grieving about a personal loss…”

Farah Alameh


Farah is a Lebanese independent filmmaker; she is also a lecturer at the Lebanese University. She graduated in 2009 from Saint Joseph University in Beirut “IESAV”. She directed numerous short films, music videos, and documentaries. Her first short film “docile” got worldwide acclaim and prizes. Farah received in 2011 the “promising director” award certificate from Carlton University in Canada for her medium-length documentary “ seeking Wadad R.” 

“Cine-Jam delves deeply into the different technical and expressive elements of visual filmmaking. Beyond that, Muriel Aboulrouss assists each of the Cine-Jammers in seeking their genuine self, their memories, pains, and memorable moments, so that all this becomes the patchwork canvas of the film. This inner quest reveals light. As a director, I have truly discovered that cinematography is the visual speech of sentiments… It sounds like quite a straightforward idea but Cine-Jamming was most of all a unique individual understanding and a considerable eye-opener for me.”