Toska – Elias Daaboul

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Film title: TOSKA
Director: Elias Daaboul
Duration: 4 mns
Synopsis: “Toska is a word unlike no other, Russian in its roots; it has no translation in any other language. Toska is an emotion of torment, anguish and an undying aching of the soul.”

Elias Daaboul


Elias is a Lebanese filmmaker. Born and raised in Beirut, He studied the art of filmmaking and cinema at the University of Saint Joseph Beirut (IESAV). In Cine-jam, With “Toska” Elias hopes to translate an untranslatable word into images and sounds.

“Cine-Jam was a wonderful therapeutic and healing experience for me. I got to test my skills as a filmmaker and a cinematographer. With the guidance and helpful insight of Muriel, I was able to address some pending issue related to my personal and professional life and translate them in to a short film that I’m proud of. The group’s approach was a very effective; each member of the group addressed his ideas and problems in a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment, with us growing closer after each gathering.”