Fuck Google Ask Baba – Patrick Issa

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Film Title: Fuck Google Ask Baba
Director: Patrick Issa
Duration: 5mns 30sec
Synopsis: Google search…skin, bones, eyes and a scream for help from a dead father.

Patrick Issa


Patrick Issa is a videographer, graduated from AL KAFAAT INSTITUTE in Radio TV. After his Thirteen years career as a videographer in Lebanon and Arabian Gulf countries, it was time for a change by becoming “a Filmmaker Travelling Nomad” following his passion to film new stories in each country. He directed a feature documentary and two experimental short movies.

Cine-Jam was my first trip in real emotional Arts. I adore the Jammers; love the place, the energy… thank you Muriel Aboulrouss for giving me the chance to live this journey. I learned a technique that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else: to feel and use my emotions as a canvas to my visuals and sounds. Thank you, I am full of gratitude, love and light.