911 – Noor Dagher

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Film Title: 911
Director: Noor Dagher
Duration: 4mns 20secs
Synopsis: a phone call, an ambulance, a repetitive roller coaster to nowhere!

Noor Dagher

Camera Operator

Noor has a BA degree in radio TV and film from LAU. She later specialized in cinematography at Met Film School, London. She has been working in Beirut for the last year. She is interested in camera operating and focus pulling. 

Cine-Jam is an experience that taught me how to accept. Mainly “accept” is the word. Accept people, accept emotions, accept feelings and deal with them. It taught me to love myself. Need more people like you Muriel; your values and the way you deal with life helped me big time. I forgive now and love people’s mistakes. I am very excited to make more short films… happy to try… daring to try! I wish all people can go through this. It’s life-changing. I love you.