Joojanna – Jamal Jaafar

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Film Title: JOOJANNA
Director: Jamal Jaafar
Duration: 5mn 50secs
Synopsis: the bloody childhood of a boy and the birth of a man.

Jamal Jaafar


Jamal Jaafar is a Lebanese filmmaking graduate from Saint Joseph University (IESAV). He has been working as an assistant director in Lebanese music videos and a segment director in many T.V programs. In 2013 he participated in “Cine-Jam” through which he directed a short film entitled “JooJanna” 

Cine-Jam is a spiritual state of mind that builds bridges between us and others. It unveils the divine light that lies within us and reflects it back on the universe. Cine-Jam is the language of gods and light, it goes beyond just making films. Cine-Jam leads to the restoration of the soul and heart.