MaKro – Elsy Hajjar

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Film Title: Makro
Director: Elsy Hajjar
Duration: 6mns 50secs
Synopsis: Macro is a clown lost in the darkness of an empty fun fair.

Elsy Hajjar


Born in Jounieh, 1990. In 2013 Elsy directed and shot her first short film “I call it love”, for which she earned the degree in audio-visual studies at The Holly Spirit University – Kaslik, Lebanon. In the same year, she took part in “Cine-Jam”, a filmmaking workshop where I created my 2nd short film “MaKro”. For Elsy, Cinematography & filmmaking is are intense passions that drive every day of my life.

Cine-Jam was intense, beautiful and breath-taking through all the ups and downs I internally went through. It gave me a sense of belonging that I have never experienced before with any group of people. Cine-Jam was like taking a deep breath of love and support. It triggered my film-making addiction and I am deeply thankful for this process