Insect – Barbora Debranova

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Film Title: Insect
Director: Barbora Debranova
Duration: 6mins 30secs
Synopsis: Expressing time in movement

Barbora Debranova


Barbora Debnárová (Dancer), born in 1990 in Slovakia´, in the small village of Vlkanová. She is a student in the Academy of Performing Arts. Specializing in the department of “Mime/Nonverbal Theatre”. She loves movement, people, adventures & laughing.

Cine-Jam gave me a place where I felt like in a family’s home. Cine-Jam gave me a place to think about my inner self. I stopped thinking about dramaturgy, how my work will look, if people will understand my story, my feelings… me. It made me ask new questions about myself, about all the pictures inside of my head and all the feelings I have. I forget about describing my feelings, it’s hard, I get confused, but you helped me. It was wonderful observing and seeing how other jammers feel and see the world around us. For me it was interesting to see my feelings through the camera, not only through theatre. Cine-Jam is a good way to transform feelings and make marvel out of them.