Past Tense – Vojtech Votypka

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Film Title: Past Tense
Director: Vojtech Votypka
Duration: 5mins 20 secs
Synopsis: Farewell to mama

Vojtech Votypka


Vojtech Votypka is a Director of photography, Colorist, Editor and Digital composer. He has hard work ability at once with sustainable pro work result even under very difficult conditions. He has a strong motivation, sense for responsibility & flexibility. 

Cine-Jam was a surprising challenge, I was sure it would be difficult for me, but a complex event like this one was a must in my life. Cine-Jam is very strong in it’s concept, uncovering the hidden in us can be exciting and painful at the same time but still, serves a great purpose under the very sensitive lead of Muriel Aboulrouss. Being part of this workshop is like taking a great voyage, with a brand new crew, who reach for new borders that extend their horizon; to become more creative, original, intuitive and emotional. It just brings new spirit to conventional ways of filmmaking in producing strong films that can touch you.