Intrusion – Xiaolu Hu

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Film Title: Intrusion
Director: Xiaolu Hu
Duration: 6mins 11secs
Synopsis: A girl, a tunnel, and a french horn

Xiaolu Hu


Xiaolu Hu, comes from Shanghai, China. She is an Erasmus student in FAMU now and she will finish her master degree in Film Directing at California Institute of the Arts, USA. She wants to be a cat, which can catch all the sensitive beauties. Her dream is to shoot some films, which are focused on people’s stories in developed or underdeveloped countries all over the world.

Cine-Jam saved my life. I was staying in bed for two weeks because I didn’t feel I belong here in Prague, but I made the smart decision to take this workshop with Muriel. It really changed me! I felt that life is not that sad or depressive anymore! For me now, there’s hope, love and beauty in the future. Muriel has a very strong heart and everyone in this workshop gave me courage and power. It is not just about films. The most important feeling I got from this workshop is “understanding”, it’s about how to evoke your inside world and awaken your deep soul. If we can follow our heart, every film will be the best, because of the genuine and pure emotion it holds. In everything, filmmaking, creating art, cooking, laughing, follow the heart and Jam.