Ruzovy Svetr – Ilona Mala

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Film Title: Ruzovy Svetr (The Pink Sweater)
Director: Ilona Mala
Duration: 4mins 40 secs
Synopsis: A tea with my grandmother

Ilona Malá


Ilona Malá works in animation & editing. She studied contemporary art and design at Západočeská univerzita. Now she studies editing at FAMU. Making films is like painting by time and she loves painting. Her favorite meal is apple pie. 

Beautiful changes Muriel, like a light in the countryside. Cine-Jam brings us knowledge through simply everything. You know, the universe, the soul, the sun and the people. Before this jamming experience, I believed in goodness inside everyone… Hidden, but it is there. Now I know how to discover it… by the heart. I want to keep this. I think you are making something very important, you can help us to love ourselves, please don’t stop. Please, the whole world needs people like you. I’ll try to share these experiences with other people I meet. Cine-Jam really creates a friendly atmosphere, not only every artist but also every human being should go through this kind of experience. As an artist, now I know how to discover the real meaning behind the artist’s masterpiece.