People – Sona Jelinkova

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Film Title: People
Director: Sona Jelinkova
Duration: 7mins 30secs
Synopsis: Black and white in your mind

Sona Jelinkova

Performer/Artist Animation

Sona Jelinkova is 25 years old, she is a bachelor at FAMU film school, Prague – Czech republic. She is passionate about singing and her dream is making films about eternal love and fairy tales.

I was waiting for this opportunity, being without strict analysis, without any expectations only strong emotive pictures, which is a must for a human like me. It’s hard to accept who you are, because you must accept the consequences of your behavior, it’s a big responsibility. Muriel was my first real teacher, she saw in me the little girl who can grow up. She called me a creator and I started to believe that I can change the world, as long as I am honest with my feeling towards the world, history, fear and the desire to be loved. The world is about sharing and the art is about whispering to the soul: there is hope